Jeff Martin - Artist & Photographer

                      My name is Jeff Martin and I've been a professional 3d artist for over 20 years. It started in high school with me learning Drafting & Design with AutoCad, and continued into college (County College of Morris in NJ). Instead of heading down the path of drafting or engineering, I got intrigued about film and broadcast. While pursuing a degree in broadcast, I enrolled in an F/X class which we created model miniatures, and used 3d software to create animated CG logos. I learned Wavefront on an Iris 3130, the computer was half the size of a refrigerator, and ran about as fast as a turtle, but I was hooked.

After graduating from Centennial College in 1998 my career started at Curious Pictures in NYC in as a 3d modeler. After a few years of Broadcast work, I moved over into gaming at the NJ based company Hypnotix. In 2004 the company was acquired by Electronic Arts, and I was relocated to Orlando FL . I currently work at Electronic Arts as a senior lead environment artist on Madden.

My main hobby since grade school has been photography. I love to shoot landscapes since it is so quiet and relaxing at dusk or dawn. 


My first camera, a Kodak disc.


An SGI Iris 3130 in the CCM computer lab.



Standing in mud up over my ankles, and getting soaked from the waterfall spray just before sunset at 11:20pm. What a great day in Iceland!!